30 Style Anti-static Hairdressing Combs

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Product features:

1. Comb design is strong, heat-resistant, soft and elastic, not tied hands.

2. Hair combing should be easy to comb and curl hair without damaging skin.

3. There will be no static electricity.

4. The comb round head is better than the pointed head, and can not hurt the beautiful hair.

5. Combing does not need to be too dense, combing hair will not damage the hair.

6. When choosing a haircomb, try and compare more. You can use the strength test of the usual haircomb on the back of your hand. If you feel sharp and uncomfortable, don't use it.

7. It's better to have more combs for different styles.

8. Keep the comb clean. First clean the hair attached to the brush, dip the comb in warm soapy water and shake it gently for a few minutes. Then wield the excess moisture, place the comb downward on the towel and air-dry naturally. Don't let the wooden comb wet for a long time.

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